One of a kind Rolls Royce Green Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition!

This is a one off chance to buy the only Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary in the striking Rolls Royce Green exterior, complete with immaculate matching green interior and burgundy stitching, steering wheel and gearstick. The customer requested this during its production back in June 1990.

The truly remarkable fact is that it is still just as powerful as a wide range of today's modern super cars. Powered by the 5167cc V12, this car delivers an impressive 0-60 mph acceleration time of 4.7 seconds with a top speed of 183 MPH (295 km/h).

The anniversary was in fact a 'new' Countach, of which was redesigned as much as possible, both externally and internally. The Anniversary was planned to be sold in limited numbers, yet only did it turn out to be the best selling Countach ever made, as a total number of 67 right hand drives were produced, until then came along the Diablo.

The Countach will always be known as the masterpiece that kept Lamborghini alive, with the anniversary edition being a great way to end the production of the Countach. Named to honor the company's twenty-fifth anniversary, the 25th Anniversary Countach was mechanically very similar to the 5000QV but sported much changed styling courtesy of Horatio Pagani.

The rear air boxes were restyled and enlarged, while the vents behind them were changed so that they ran front to back instead of side to side. In addition, a new air dam and side skirting, both with air intakes, were fitted, and the taillights were restyled to be narrower, with body-colored panels replacing the upper and lower parts of the previous large tail lights. The styling changes were striking on the 25 year old design, and had the added benefit of improved the engine's cooling, a problem the powerful Countach had always struggled with. The Countach also featured 345/35R15 tyres; the widest tyres ever available on a production car at the time. The Anniversary was produced from 1988 to 1990 when it was finally replaced by the Lamborghini Diablo.

This beautiful outstanding investment opportunity, the Lamborghini Countach '25th Anniversary Edition' is a 1991 H registered example with only 39,819km from new. With only three owners, all of which have been true Lamborghini enthusiasts who have done their utmost to look after the car to the best of their ability.

The first keeper of this car is unknown, however the second keeper, Mr Ken Floyd bought the car in November 1995 from Lancasters in East London, the car was bought at 1,902km, the purchase price was £64,860. He owned the car for approximately 2 years, and had the car serviced at Carrera Sports. Enclosed are the invoices for services at 8,121km in 1997 and 21,740km in 1998. Ken used this car on a regular basis.

In December 1997 Lamborghini GB Ltd then sold the vehicle to Roger Brooks, for the price of £52,950. Mr Brooks had a rear wing fitted by AFN for £1,527 in 1998 at 24,000km. The car was serviced at Carrera Sports in 2000 at 29,605km, then again at Lamborghini High Wycombe at 29,872km. All invoices are enclosed.

Roger had the car for a number of years in the UK then exported the car to Hong Kong in 2006, full documentation included.

The car was serviced and maintained at Kong Kei Service Centre. In 2007 Italian Motors in Hong Kong completed a major service with parts from Lamborghini High Wycombe. Then in 2008 Italian Motors completed another service at 34,621 km and a further service in 2009 at 35,106km.

The car was out of the country from September 2007 until August 2011 when it returned back to the UK. Upon arrival back to the UK it had a service at Emblem Sportscars in January 2011 at 36,660km. From January 2011 and July 2011 the car had a total of £7,500 spent at Emblem Sportscars having some major work at 36,660km.

The vehicle was then sold to Mr Geoff Forty by Emblem Sportscars for approximately £87,000 on 8th August 2012. Geoff did not use the car on a regular basis and Paul Forty Bentley Racing carried out all maintenance work in house. The car was in Geoff's ownership until 2016. Geoff Forty had the Lamborghini certified by Lamborghini Automobili S.pA (Certificate 25th Anniversay Addition) This includes full specification of the car including matching engine and gearbox identification numbers.

The vehicle has recently been serviced by Amari Supercars, Lamborghini Specialists in May 2018. Please see invoice enclosed.

02/05/2018 - 39,848 Km - Service AMARI
25/04/2017 - 39,804 Km - Service AMARI
20/11/2016 - 39,668 Km - Service AMARI
31/01/2011 - 36,660 Km - Specialist
05/01/2007 - 32,521 Km - Lamborghini Main Dealer (Wycombe)
27/05/2002 - 29,872 Km - Lamborghini Main Dealer (Wycombe)
02/05/1997 - 21,740 Km - Specialist
18/05/1996 - 8,121 Km - Specialist

This car comes complete with an impressive green presentation folder, original leather binder containing full service history, MOT certificates, all previous works on the vehicle, original 25th Anniversary certificates confirming that the vehicle was produced in Sant'Agate Bolognese in Italy in June 1990, it's chassis number, engine and gearbox identification numbers signed by the Managing Director and CFO Rainer Seidl and Head of Aftersales Paolo Gabrielli which is very rare and adds great value to the car. Also included is the confirmation of previous membership to the Lamborghini club UK. Also included are the original price listings, as well as original key, toolkit and fire extinguisher.

The car has had a detailed Inspection, Mechanically, Cosmetically and Electrically (inside and out), and was subject to Minor Restoration Work.

MOT History
July 1998 - 24,713km
April 2000 - 29,605km
June 2002 - 29,905km
Feb 2010 - 35,997km
March 2011 - 36,609km
March 2012 - 37,799km
July 2013 - 38,048km
June 2015 - 38,168km
Jan 2016 - 39,437km
April 2017 - 39,812km

Rear Wing
Sports Exhaust
Air Conditioning
Electric Seats
Electric Windows
Original Alpine cassette player
15" OZ two piece, split rim Alloy Wheels
Leather Interior
Leather Steering Wheel
Lambs wool rugs
Roof Spoiler
2 x keys

All the above are additional extras that were ordered at the time of production.

Please note as a condition of the sale, being a 27 year old car that was supplied in 1991, we have to supply the car as sold as seen and we cannot supply it with a warranty. Though we are confident given the huge history file, that over the cars life it has been well maintained and cared for we cannot guarantee the quality or standard the works have been carried out to. As a result of this we are confident in the mechanical integrity of the car but cannot guarantee it. Likewise with the mileage all documentation suggests that the mileage shown is true, however it cannot be guaranteed. We welcome any inspections and are able to arrange shipping to anywhere in the world that is required.


Number of Owners
Exterior Colour
Bentley Green
Interior Colour
Green with Red Piping
5167 cc
Body Type


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