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Year:2009 (59)
Mileage:600 km
Transmission:Semi Automatic
Body Style:Coupe
Number of Keys:1
Number of Owners:1
Left Hand Drive:Yes
Engine Size5999 cc



About the Car

We are extremely proud to offer this Ferrari 599 XX for sale, a car that no-one else can offer.

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Even within the realm of Ferrari Supercars, few claim such a unique design brief as the 599 XX. The 599 XX was introduced in 2009 and was based on Ferrari’s stellar 599 GTB Fiorano. Its purpose was to push the envelope of road and racing technology to keep Ferrari atop the sports car world in terms of performance. Thus, whilst it bears the silhouette of the standard 599, the 599XX is a much more savage beast.

So extreme was the engineering of airflow and down-force on the 599 XX that two fans were installed in the boot to draw air from the under-tray and funnel it through the former tail lamp valances. Functional vents and scoops decorate almost every panel of the car, instantly clarifying the degree of wind tunnel development that went into the model. Its suspension engineering was particularly astonishing, as it had state-of-the-art SCM Magnetoreological damping that contributed to traction control, which was adjustable via a dash-mounted “manetinno” that offered nine different graduated settings.

The engine was powered by a highly modified version of the 599 GTB’s 6 Litre V12, and it generated 730 Horse Power and 506 LB/Ft of Torque, which was enough to catapult the car from 0–60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. In addition to upgrades like mechanical tappets and graphite-coated pistons, Ferrari implemented a particularly unusual addition for a race-prepared motor. The company guaranteed the engine for at least 5,000 Kilo-Meters, almost daring the driver to try to blow them out during track events.

From within, there is no doubt that this is a competition-oriented vehicle, as it has been outfitted with a roll cage and a single Carbon-Fibre dash panel, which dominates the spartan cockpit. Whilst nearly all other amenities are stripped away, the 599XX is outfitted with air conditioning, serving as a reminder that this car is meant to be enjoyed by customers just as much as it is to be strenuously raced; this is a concept that was also reinforced by the model’s somewhat unusual production mandate.

The 599XX was manufactured in a sparing quantity of just 29 examples, and it was intended to be driven at track events under Ferrari’s Corse Clienti program, a specialised program of non-competitive events held around the world. Alongside Ferrari’s FXX, the 599XX was intended to help Ferrari conduct research and make developments based on the “owner-test drivers” results at specially sanctioned events that were organised by the Scuderia at race tracks around the world. Ferrari will provide owners with all the support required in maintaining such a car, and they will also provide owners with feedback on their driving technique and data that has been collected from the car. Whilst Corse Clienti events take place on three continents, 599XX owners can opt to leave their cars in Ferrari’s custody in Maranello, where Ferrari will service and maintain the car to race-ready condition and prepare it for delivery to each event by Ferrari’s own transportation. Owners can also drive their cars in private sessions on various tracks.

Wearing number 17, this sensational 599XX has accumulated just 600 kilometres on its odometer, from factory testing and one outing at the Circuit Paul Ricard. All factory spares delivered with the car are present, and it remains ready for more track use.

Chassis 170354 also remains eligible for the optional Evoluzione upgrade from the factory. The Evoluzione package was introduced in December 2011, for the 2012–2013 racing seasons, and it offered a plethora of performance upgrades, which were the result of feedback from the first generation of 599XX owners and experiences within Formula One. The biggest changes to the 599XX dealt with the car’s aerodynamics. The Evoluzione package includes an electronically adjustable rear wing, a modified front splitter, a new rear diffuser, and recalibrated electronic controls; these all function in an effort to help the car perform better through corners. Overall horsepower and torque would be increased to 750 and 516 foot-pounds with the addition of side exhausts. Coupled with the added power and a shorter final gear ratio, the 599XX EVO can lap Fiorano in 1:15. Purchasing the Evoluzione package will also allow the owner to participate in 599XX events, including the Ferrari World Finals in 2014.

There are few non-Monoposto race cars that offer such amazing performance and chassis development as the 599XX, and there are fewer still that allow owners to be intimately connected with the company behind that amazing car. There’s no doubt that information obtained from the 599XX program led to the 599 GTO and the 599 platform’s successor, the F12 Berlinetta. The 29 examples produced were sold new to Ferrari’s best clients, and they are not often offered for sale publically, making the 599XX one of the most desirable recent Ferrari models to tifosi. For the connoisseur that is looking to be at the cutting edge of racing technology, which will surely trickle down to future road cars, look no further.

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