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DerivativeCobra Dax Replica
Year:1995 (M)
Date of Registration:9th April, 1995
Mileage:416 miles
Body Style:Convertible
Number of Keys:2
Colour:DAX Red
Number of Owners:1
Engine Size5.0 cc



About the Car

The specification of the car (as of June 2014) is as follows:

The car has a Ford Boss 302 Engine which has been Bored to +0.03’
Full Engine Balance by Trevor Wilkinson
Magnum Fast Road Cam 292 duration
Anit Pump up Lifters
High Volume Oil Pump
Heavy duty Oil Pump Drive
New Camshaft Bearing
1 set of Heavy duty Main Bearing Cap Bolts BYRMS/5
1 set Heavy duty Main Bearing Shells BYMMS590P
1 set Heavy duty Con Rod Bearing Shells BYCB634P
1 set Heavy duty Con Rob Bolts
Cloyes True Roller Timing Chain, pre-stretched
2 new Aluminium Performance Cylinder Heads
1 set Heavy duty Push Rods
1 Competition Gasket Set
New Water Pump
Aluminium Billet Pulley Set
TRW Pistons
Moroso Deep Sump
Extended Oil Pump pick-up Pipe
Electric Fuel Pump with External Fuel Pressure Regulator

Tilotson Clutch Assembly
Internal Clutch release Assembly
Adjustable Clutch release Pivot

Mallory Competition Distributor

Warner T5 Mustang

Jaguar XJS with modified Lower Wishbones
Fully adjustable Shock Absorbers

Fuel Tank
Over the Rear axle as original Cobra
Monza Filler with Locking cap
Auxiliary Fuel Tank in Offside Rear Wing, giving Fuel Capacity to approximately 11 Gallons

Jaguar Servo Assisted with extra Reserve Vacuum Tank

Copy Halibrand with Spinners
Spare Carried in the Boot

Yokohama All Round
Front 235 x 45 x ZR17
Rear 255 x 45 x ZR17

Tread Depths
OSF 5mm
NSF 5mm
OSR 5mm
NSR 5mm

427 Styling in Burnt Red and Cream Interior
Boot Lid has Correct Style Internal Hinges
The Wing Vents have a Stainless Steel Cheese Cutter Grill

Please note due to this being a kit car, there is no warranty on this vehicle.

For any more information please do not hesitate to contact our sales team 01772 663 777

Dax has been producing Cobra replica's for over 40 years with over 4000 cars sold to date. The company's flair for innovation and commitment to product improvement has consistently kept ahead of the field.
The breathtaking looks, the ‘Beethovenesque’ tunes produced by the engine, and the thunderous roar of the exhaust set the scene for an exhilarating driving experience
The ownership of the car as highlighted by the V5 is based on the original Chassis used for the car and does not reflect the number of owners the DAX has had!


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