Consign Your Car

Although we tend to prefer to purchase in-bound stock with a direct cash purchase, there are occasions when we will consider entering into a consignment sales agreement.

If you have a special high value car which may or may not meet our mainstream regular buying criteria, we can subject to an evaluation of your vehicle, present a bespoke consignment sales agreement to ensure a maximum return for the vendor without the demands associated with private sales.

We take care of all the marketing, professional presentation and fully insured storage of your vehicle. We potentially offer buyers, finance, part exchange facilities, provision of warranty, the security of dealing with a dealer and perhaps most importantly, filter through to those with a genuine buying interest, amongst the many who will endeavour to waste your valuable time.

To be clear, we only offer this service, for really good cars, which for whatever reason, we do not buy into stock and where both parties have a clear mutual and realistic agreement of the market value of the car.

Many of the special cars we sell on consignment are sold without public knowledge and we can accommodate a number of scenarios to ensure the sales modus operandi reflects the best solution to return the best price for the car.

Upon conclusion of a transaction, we pay you within 3 working days of us receiving cleared funds from the buyer - good luck with that if you choose to use a traditional auction route!

Contact us below to see how we can present a superior, compelling and risk free alternative to the private sales/auction options you may have previously considered.

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