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Certainly! Here's a more condensed overview of the Aston Martin DB12:

The Aston Martin DB12 stands as the epitome of a super tourer, reshaping the very concept with its iconic design and cutting-edge technology. Born from 73 years of automotive excellence, it transcends traditional boundaries, cutting through continents and redefining benchmarks.

With an unapologetic presence, the DB12 boasts elegant lines, an aggressive grille, and a raised centre console that elevates the driving experience. It's more than a GT; it's a statement of Aston Martin's leadership in performance, dynamics, and engineering, crafted piece by piece for exhilaration at the speed of missiles.

Inside, the DB12's interior is a symphony of analogue controls and digital intelligence, delivering a sensory experience through smarter sound and unprecedented infotainment. The exterior, with its wide body, distinctive wheels, and striking lighting, boldly propels the Aston Martin legacy forward.

Explore Aston Martin's world through the configurator, personalized experiences, and the Q by Aston Martin customization. The DB12 embodies the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries, making it a standout addition to the illustrious Aston Martin bloodline.