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Ferrari 458

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562 hp



Top Speed

210 mph


3.4 seconds


Production from 2009 to 2015 - production numbers below:

Italia: 15,000 produced - 562 hp
Spyder: 6,000 produced - 562 hp
Speciale: 3,000 produced - 597 hp
Speciale Aperta: 499 produced - 605 hp

- The last naturally aspirated Ferrari V8
- First direct fuel injection in mid-engine Ferrari road car
- Fitted with a 7 speed dct and the first mainstream model without a manual option
- Acknowledged as one of Ferrari's most desirable road car models ever made

Introduced at the Frankfurt motorshow in 2009 - the 458 was a major evolution over the preceding 430 model. Although the earliest models are now 12 years old - it is extremely unlikely you are ever going to find a 458's performance disappointing on the road, still an extremely quick car, which is really easy and enjoyable to drive.

The naturally aspirated V8 masterpiece is actually really flexible with 80% of torque provided from 3250 rpm, but if you extend the engine to it's 9k red line, the sound track and power delivery is unmatched from any more recent turbo-charged engines.

Predictably the rare Speciale and Speciale Aperta command a very healthy premium.

Prices start at £100k + for a high mileage Italia Coupe to £600k + for a very low mileage Aperta - quite a spread!


Comments from AMARI™

We have sold countless examples of every type of the 458 model made and still really rate these cars. The engine sound from that final naturally aspirated V8 never gets old and the accessible performance these cars deliver on the road is astonishing for a 12 year old design. We have probably sold as many of the Speciale and Speciale Aperta models as anyone else and see these models being worth more than their newer successors in the future.

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