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Ferrari 488

Amari Model Guide


661 hp



Top Speed

224 mph


3.0 seconds


Production from 2015 to 2019
Production estimated numbers as a guide only:
Approx 10000 - 15000 488
Approx 3500 488 Pista

- The first turbocharged Ferrari V8 since the F40
- Aerodynamics resulted in 50% more downforce and less drag than a 458 
- Turbocharged engine a major improvement in efficiency and still sounds great

Introduced in 2015 - the 488 was the beginning of the inevitable introduction of smaller capacity turbocharged engines to meet emissions and performance objectives. Although it is turbocharged - the twin turbo V8 still sounds great and thanks to advanced engine management presents the most flexible Ferrari engine to date.

The body shape appears very similar to the preceding 458 but from an aerodynamic viewpoint presents a massive advance with improved downforce and reduced drag figures. This really represents a Ferrari you could drive every day with dramatic improvements in build quality and reliability

The limited edition Pista model as usual commands a healthy premium. 80 kgs lighter than a standard car and with another 50 hp from an upgraded engine with 50% new internals - this was a genuine performance upgrade with performance not far off a LaFerrari!

Prices start at £140k + for a high mileage Coupe to £300k + for a low mileage Pista


Comments from AMARI™

This model has been the mainstream Ferrari model we have sold for the past 6 years. The twin turbo V8 sets a new benchmark in throttle response for turbo engines and realistically, the performance of a 488 GTB is knocking on the door of some exotic Hypercars, at a much more accessible price point. Only the earliest models are about to come out of factory warranty later this year and with the modern Ferrari build quality and huge accessible performance available, these are probably the best value Ferrari available today.

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