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Lamborghini Aventador

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690-780 hp



Top Speed

217 mph


2.9 seconds


2011 to date - estimated production over 10,000 

Aventador LP700-4
Aventador LP700-4 Roadster
Aventador SuperVeloce LP750-4
Aventador SuperVeloce LP750-4 Roadster
Aventador S LP740-4
Aventador S LP740-4 Roadster
Aventador SVJ LP770-4 (2018–to date)
Aventador SVJ LP770-4 Roadster (2019–to date)
Aventador LP780-4 Ultimae (2021–to date)

- The V12 Lamborghini Flagship model
- Featuring the first all new Lamborghini V12 for 50 years
- Carbon monocoque, Ohlins dampers and Haldex 4WD means handling as well as power

Introduced in 2011 - as a replacement for the Murcielago, the Aventador featured an all new V12 and the introduction of a Carbon Monocoque meant that Lamborghini were serious at making a lightweight car which would efficiently handle the enormous power of the naturally aspirated V12. Later models also had 4WS and configurable set-ups.

The Aventador with it's trick dampers and Haldex four wheel drive set up is a much easier car to drive with brio than it's predecessor and it's not just a straightline dragster. The actual tub with aluminium subframes to mount the suspension, engine and gearbox weighed under 230 kgs. The first Lamborghini without a manual transmission option, the single clutch independent shifting rod manual box can change gear in under 0.05 seconds, albeit with a robust action...

The model derivatives over the last 10 years are too numerous to go into but broadly they have all resulted in a little more power and less weight. For those who doubt the model's dynamic credentials, an Aventador SuperVeloce LP750-4 achieved a sub 7 minute lap at the Nurburgring...

The reality is that talking about the wonderful dynamics of the Aventador almost misses the main point that the car epitomises the ultimate Supercar - with performance to match most Hypercars. No - it is not a car for the shy and retiring and requires a degree of financial commitment to run one - but there is no Supercar - or many Hypercars - to match the drama of hustling the Aventador on a clear road...

Prices start at £150k + for a high mileage LP700 to £380k + for a low mileage late limited edition model


Comments from AMARI™

As dyed-in-the-wool Lamborghini enthusiasts and having owned most of the Lamborghini models over the last 40 years, we can confirm we love these models and have dealt with just about every derivative. The cars need to be thoroughly checked over before purchase and service history and good spec is a must, but they are fundamentally reliable and in most cases are used as special occasion cars and maintained accordingly. We believe some of the earlier cars are undervalued and present an ownership proposition which is unlikely to be replicated with Supercars of the future.

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