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Lamborghini Urus

Amari Model Guide


640 hp



Top Speed

190 mph


3.6 seconds


2018 to date - over 15,000 made so far

- The most exotic SUV on the market
- Dramatic, bold design true to Lamborghini
- Eminently practical Lamborghini for daily use

Introduced in 2018 - the Urus was actually Lamborghini's second SUV model, following in the footsteps of the legendary LM002. The concept car prototype featured the Lamborghini V10 engine, but for the production model the 4.0 V8 twin turbo VAG unit as used in the RS6 and Cayenne turbo was fitted.

In order to reflect the Urus' flagship status, the engine featured new heads and has a power output 99 hp greater than the Cayenne Turbo. The performance set the benchmark for SUVs with 190 mph top speed and a 0-62 of 3.6 seconds. Rear wheel steering and a sophisticated lighter weight body construction results in an engaging driving experience superior to that of it's competitors.

Air suspension and adjustable torque vectoring together with an optional off-road package meant the car is genuinely versatile on all surfaces. The carbon ceramic discs share the distinction of being the worlds largest and were developed by Lamborghini to ensure the huge performance on a vehicle this size could be reined in.

Needless to say, the sales figures of the car reflect it's popularity, 15,000 have been sold in 3 years, making it in absolute terms the largest selling Lamborghini ever and easily the fastest selling model.

Prices start at £195k + for a high mileage example to £280k + for a low mileage nearly new example


Comments from AMARI™

We have sold a huge number of Lamborghini Urus models from the time they were launched. They really present an exotic car feel to the SUV experience and in real world conditions the cars are laugh out loud fast. The dramatic styling is quite distinct from its more mundane competition and the sales figures speak for themselves. If you are thinking of selling yours - talk to us first!

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