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Mercedes-AMG G 63

Amari Model Guide


577 hp



Top Speed

149 mph


3.8 seconds


2018 to date

- The most enduring Super SUV
- Built like a tank - performs like a trained gorilla on steroids
- Latest generation model a massive advance over predecessor

We are only going to focus on the current generation G63 4.0 Twin turbo model as that is the mainstay of our business with these cars - but in summary the 2018 models onwards are a massive step forward over the previous models.

In terms of steering, handling and ride comfort - forget comparisons with early the early G generation - the current models are light years ahead in refinement and capability. The iconic tank styling and hewn out of solid rock build quality remains, as does the almost biblical thrust, but the modern versions "almost" drive like a car...

The 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8, produces 577bhp and 627lb ft of torque and is effectively identical to the powerplant of AMG’s current flagship, the GT R. The comically over engineered 9 speed auto means there is never a moment when you feel there is not a tidal wave of torque to meet your requirements and when you bury the throttle to the bulkhead - the bonnet lifts with an eruption of V8 turbocharged goodness that makes you laugh out loud. Auto Express managed to clock a 0-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds - scarcely believable for a 3.2 tonne vehicle!

If you actually want to go off road - assuming you are using standard wheels and tyres the vehicle feels unstoppable and if you want to tow - you are barely aware that you are actually towing anything such is the reserve of power and torque.

The interior is luxurious, the driving position is "commanding" in the most extreme and you and your passengers will feel safe.

This is now the most enduring model in the Mercedes range and whereas some luxury SUV's share platforms and look similar - nothing looks like or has the presence of a G....

Prices start at £180k + for a high mileage example to £200k + for a low mileage nearly new example


Comments from AMARI™

We love G63's and can't get enough of them and usually have several examples in stock. Currently the market for these cars is very strong - they really represent the established premium SUV and we routinely sell well specified examples of these cars to clients all over the world. There are faster cars, more economical cars - but there is not much to match the road presence of a G and also the intoxicating mix of huge amounts of power in that iconic shape never gets old!

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