Ferrari 812 Superfast


Ferrari 812 Superfast



This extraordinary Ferrari 812 Superfast, registered in July 2020, is a masterpiece of bespoke craftsmanship. Tailor Made to perfection, it embodies the epitome of Italian automotive luxury. The car's exterior is adorned in the captivating Rosso Angelo FYM paint, a shade that exudes elegance and dynamism. Inside, the interior showcases Prestige Reddish Brown Leather, creating an inviting and plush cabin that envelops its occupants in comfort.

In terms of performance and design, this Ferrari 812 Superfast boasts an impressive array of features. The adaptive headlights with SBL function provide exceptional visibility, and the airbrushed shield adds a touch of exclusivity. Carbon fibre elements grace the car's exterior, from the front bumper to the rear boot trim, giving it a distinct, sporty appeal. The powerful V12 engine and advanced suspension lifter ensure an exhilarating driving experience. With yellow brake calipers, a yellow rev counter, and a high-power hi-fi system, this Ferrari combines aesthetic finesse with cutting-edge technology.

This unique Ferrari 812 Superfast Tailor Made is a true automotive masterpiece, offering an exceptional blend of performance and luxury in a custom-tailored package that reflects the owner's individuality and style.

- Registered July 2020 / 20

- Tailor Made


  • Exterior in Rosso Angelo FYM
  • Interior in Prestige Reddish Brown Leather
  • Adaptive Headlights with SBL Function
  • Airbrushed Shield
  • Rear Shelf Leather Bags
  • Yellow Brake Calipers
  • Front Part of Front Bumper in Carbon Fibre
  • Rear Side Bumper in Carbon Fibre
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Boot Trim
  • Carbon Fibre Underdoor Cover
  • Carbon Fibre Inner Door Handle
  • Carbon Fibre Driver Zone + LEDs
  • Carbon Fibre Central Bridge
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Bench Trim
  • Exterior Sill Kick in Carbon
  • Carbon Fibre Upper Centre Console Trim
  • Coloured Inner Details - Extra Range
  • Centre Console in Leather - Extra Range
  • Carbon Fibre Hub Caps
  • Dash Inserts in Carbon Fibre
  • Dedication Plate in Silver
  • Suspension Lifter
  • Cavallino Stitched on Headrest - Rosso
  • Black Tailpipe Tips
  • Carbon Fibre Front Spoiler
  • Additional Coloured Mats with Logo
  • High Emotion Low Emission
  • NavTrak Anti-Theft System Sub.
  • Passenger Display
  • Yellow Rev. Counter
  • 20" Forged Diamond Wheels
  • Full Electric Seats
  • Leather Headliner - Nero
  • Leather Rear Shelf - Extra Range
  • Leather Parcel Shelf - Extra Range
  • High Power Hi-Fi System
  • Special Equipment
  • Coloured Special Stitching O.R. - Extra Range
  • Suit Bag
  • Surround View
  • Tailor Made

Special Equipment

  • Tailor Made Vehicle
  • Rosso Angelo FYM Car Paint
  • Shields Airbrushed on Wings (15cm)
  • Dreamline in Rosso Angelo on Carbon Fibre Sill and on Front Bumper Wings in Carbon Fibre
  • Italian Flag Motif on Rear Lid with Edge in Argento Nurburgring
  • Upholstery in Count Prestige Reddish Brown Leather
  • Seats with Backrest and Cushion Panel Inserts in Apollo Bright L4 Nero Technical Fabric
  • Centre Console in Count Prestige Reddish Brown Leather
  • Passenger Compartment Inserts: Central Stripe on Seats, Insert on Lower Part of Dashboard and Insert on Centre Console in Rosso Ferrari Leather
  • Tone-on-Tone Stitching, Stitching in Nero Thread on Black
  • Leather and on Black Technical Fabric, in Marrone Thread on Count Prestige Reddish Brown Leather and in Rosso Thread on Rosso Ferrari Leather
  • Internal Grilles and Plastic Parts in same colour as Surrounding Material
  • Mats in Apollo Bright Nero Technical Fabric
  • Edge Trim and Side Insert in Count Prestige Reddish Brown Leather and Logo Embroidered in Rosso Thread
  • Rear Wall in Apollo Bright Nero Technical Fabric
  • Rear Luggage Shelf in Apollo Bright Nero Technical Fabric with Luggage Straps in Count Prestige Reddish Brown Leather
  • Luggage Compartment Sides in Black Leather
  • Tricolour Dreamline on F1 Paddles
  • Dedication Plate in Gloss Carbon Fibre with Tailor Made Logo in Argento Nurburgring and Tricolour Stripe
  • Kickplate in Gloss Carbon Fibre with Tailor Made Logo

Service History

- 16/11/2021 - 1,701 Miles - Ferrari Main Dealer (Manchester)
- 21/09/2022 - 3,900 Miles - Ferrari Main Dealer (Manchester)
- 27/09/2023 - 5,380 Miles - Ferrari Main Dealer (Manchester)

This vehicle comes with the remaining balance of the Ferrari 7 Years Service Pack

We have the original Owners Pack containing the Owner Manual, and other reference material, as well as 2 Keys.

To arrange a viewing, please contact our team on +44 (0) 1772 663 777.

Viewing strictly by appointment.


Reg Year
Number of Owners
5,623 Miles
Exterior Colour
Rosso Angelo
Interior Colour
Count Prestige Reddish Brown Leather
Driver Position
Body Type
Semi Automatic


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