Over three hundred pages - written and curated by Antonio Ghini and illustrated by Mitja Borkert - narrate with great passion the true story of Lamborghini and, for the first time, show all Lamborghini cars developed since 1963, with a review of the main models brought to the manufacturing stage but never marketed.

"That is a special project, very proud to be part of it and very proud to have my signature on it..." Stefano Domenicali

DNA Lamborghini is printed in numbered copies entirely hand-made by master craftsmen and artists who still use the old bookbinding techniques which are unique features of the D'ORO Collection Publishing House.

DNA Lamborghini is printed on thick white artisan paper with a pleasantly rough feel.

210 gram thick paper on which the pictures shine in all their sharpness and impact.

Every sheet of paper is cut by hand and each page is silk-printed with unpublished images where the cars are photographed and reproduced like true art works.

Upon completion of the printing process, craftsmen wearing white gloves fold the pages and position them one by one onto ancient wooden frames used as supports for the hand-stitching process which is performed using a needle and a cotton thread.

Skilful craftsmanship and great accuracy: this is what these ancient techniques have in common, requiring hours of patient and consistent work.

Once the Volume is stitched together, it is kept under a manual press for three days.

The book spine of DNA Lamborghini is in bright Leonis Orange Leather on which the title, the Raging Bull emblem and the Lion emblem of the Publishing House are hot stamped using 24-karat gold leaves.

Before cutting, the Leonis Orange Leather is accurately inspected for any flaws, it is skived and stamped. Then the book spine is processed starting with ribbing and proper shaping.

The spine discloses a clear sign of the made in Italy character of this book: three double face satin ribbons used as bookmarks pay tribute to the colours of the Italian flag.

The emblem, faithfully reflecting the Lamborghini brand logo which boldly stands out in each and every car, is entirely reproduced in clay by expert hands, alternating fingertip pressure with the use of utensils to engrave, highlight the shapes and outline certain details.

The clay bas-relief is the matrix from which the wax model and the lost wax casting mold are obtained.

Red-hot molten bronze is poured into the mold to obtain a perfect shield inside which the name Lamborghini can be read in very clear letters.

Once the piece is quenched, it is checked and very carefully polished before the final gilding by immersion in a 24-karat gold bath.

The DNA Lamborghini book covers are the first and only ones in the world made of Forged Composites, Lamborghini's unique top-performing composite material that stands for technological innovation: it is the same material used in car manufacturing.

The 3 mm thick covers are of a beautiful black color with the typical reflections of glossy painting. They are lined inside with precious Moirè.

Nestled on the back cover, the gilt bronze Lion - emblem of D'ORO Collection Publishing House - closes the book.

DNA Lamborghini comes inside a precious box in black raw silk, entirely hand-made and lined in Leonis Orange Leather, whose hexagon quilt pattern is remindful of the car seat upholstery.

A pair of white gloves and a cashmere cloth is all you need to take care of this work in the best possible way.

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