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DerivativeVT Roadster
Year:1999 (T)
Date of Registration:23rd July, 1999
Mileage:12,630 miles
Body Style:Convertible
Number of Keys:2
Number of Owners:4
InteriorBlack Leather with Yellow Piping
Engine Size5707 cc



About the Car


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This is truly a rare find indeed!
The Holy Grail of the Lamborghini World (There are 2 & the other is Countach related)!
To qualify the statement, this 1999 / T Registered Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster is indeed one of only 20 Right Hand Drive models ever made, AND one of only 4 with perspex & NON Pop Up lights!

Let us ignore the 2 very famous previous keepers, one of whom is a connoisseur of Lamborghini's, Rod Stewart, & the other Wrestling aficionado Kendo Nagasaki.
Let us instead confirm that the car has the options:

Rear Wing
Sports Exhausts
Power Clutch, Gears & Steering
Dual Air Bags

It has covered only 20,324 Kms or 12,628 miles from new, a fact which is supported by the documentation from servicing and 'historic' MOT Certificates.

The accessories included with the car 'tell a story' : 'How to love, cherish & honour' a truly prized possession:
- Two Lamborghini Monogrammed Tan Leather Tool Bags
- Lamborghini Brown Leather Pouch - Window Winder & Light Bulb Kit
- Lamborghini Light Bulb Kit
- Twin-Pack Holts Tyre Weld Aerosol
- Lamborghini Monogrammed Soft White Leather Gloves - Pair of
- Lamborghini Diablo Towing Link
- Lamborghini Diablo Emergency Window Winder
- Lamborghini Tool Kit - Monogrammed Tools - in Red Roll-Up Pouch
- Magnetic 12V Torch in Plastic Pouch
- Alpine GPS Remote Control
- Alpine Stereo Remote Control
- Alpine 6-CD Caddy for the Multi-Changer
- Lamborghini Tan Leather Owner's Manual
- Fan-Belt & Alternator Belt Spares
- Lamborghini Tax Disc Holder
- Alpine GPS Manual
- Alpine Smart Map Pro GPS Data Disc
- Tracker Unit Details

The Service Book & Invoice File bear the 'tell tale' signs of 'Cherished' with the history mapped out as follows:

22/02/01 - 7,634 Kms - Lamborghini Main Dealer
10/05/02 - 8,611 Kms - Lamborghini Main Dealer
13/08/03 - 9,838 Kms - Lamborghini Main Dealer
10/02/06 - 12,017 Kms - Lamborghini Main Dealer
18/08/07 - 13,917 Kms - Lamborghini Specialist
18/06/09 - 15,587 Kms - Lamborghini Main Dealer
29/10/10 - 17,666 Kms - Lamborghini Main Dealer
16/12/11 - 18,835 Kms - Lamborghini Specialist
11/06/15 - 20,080 Kms - Lamborghini Main Dealer
02/09/16 - 20,324 Kms - Service Amari


The fact that none of the 4 owners have chosen to 'take a memento' from the car proves only that it has been a prized possession, a true sweetheart, to 4 people along the way.
It is therefore with pride, admiration and much glee that we offer this beautiful car.

The MOT expires on the 30th August 2017.

The car is sat on Pirelli P-Zero Asymmerico's all round:
Front: 235 x 35 x ZR18 (86y)
Rear: 335 x 30 x ZR18 (102y)

Tyre tread depths are:
Front Right: 6mm
Front Left: 6mm
Rear Right: 6mm
Rear Left: 6mm

We have all the above items as listed, with the car with 1 Key.

If you would like more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact our sales team on 01772 663 777.

Viewing strictly by appointment only.

The Diablo VT Roadster was introduced in December 1995 and featured an electrically operated carbon fiber targa top which was stored above the engine lid when not in use. Besides the roof, the roadster's body was altered from the fixed-top VT model in a number of ways. The front bumper was revised, replacing the quad rectangular driving lamps with two rectangular and two round units. The brake cooling ducts were moved inboard of the driving lamps and changed to a straked design, while the rear ducts featured the vertical painted design seen on the SE30.
The engine lid was changed substantially in order to vent properly when the roof panel was covering it. The roadster also featured revised 17 inch wheels. The air intakes on top/sides were made larger than the coupe Diablos. In 1998 the wheels have been updated to 18 inch, and the engine power raised to 530 HP by adding the variable valve timing system. Top speed specification was raised to 335 km/h (208 mph).

In 1999 the dashboard received a major optical update by Audi, and the pop-up headlights were replaced by fixed headlights, same as for the coupes. This resulted in a better aerodynamic shape and modern optics.


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