Amari SuperCars are proud to be associated with this event over the weekend of 16 and 17 August.

We will be attending with the highly desirable and cherished Ferrari F40 and the very first motor car which coined the phrase ‘SuperCar’ the Lamborghini Miura S.

Both cars are from the acclaimed personal collection of Sheikh Amari, sure to set the hearts racing for allowing the visitors the opportunity to get ‘up close and personal’ with these wonderful classic cars.

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Out with the old, in with the new: The Mercedes AMG SL 55. A brand new soft top sports car in replacement of the AMG GT Roadster. Going up against the Porsche 911 cabriolet and the BMW M8. 

Is it worth considering this new sports car from Mercedes Benz? Well, we have a few pointers below to help you decide! 

Firstly, on the design, we think it’s a fantastic looking car. An evolution of an already beautiful AMG GT. At the front, the panamericana grille is much larger, the headlights have been re-sculpted to be sharper. The bumper provides effortless lines moving from the arches into and under the headlamps. Creating two very large areas for the air intakes. These intricate accents are great for personal touches such as carbon fire slats or alternatively an all-black styling pack. The new AMG SL comes standard with 19-inch wheels but can be specced with 21-inch. Something we would highly recommend on a car of this size and power. At the rear you have a deployable spoiler along with the recognisable quad AMG exhaust tips. The taillights have some very interesting detailing within them and span almost the entire width of the rear. The overall styling is very modern, sleek, and minimalistic. Doing away with large arches, vents, and creases. Something we have been seeing a lot with modern luxury vehicles.

The interior is where the Mercedes AMG SL comes into its own league. Completely revised from the AMG GT. Dominating the cabin are two very large, high-definition infotainment screens. One for the driver display, and one in the centre console. As this is an open top sportscar, the screen has been designed with this in mind. The drivers cockpit display has its own sun visor whereas the centre display can tilt its angle to avoid any glare.

As for your seating arrangements, you have sports seats in the front with integrated neck warmers as standard. And yes, 2 more in the back. Only not as luxurious as the front seats.

Driving dynamics have been improved with active aerodynamics. Firstly, the active front grille will remain closed for most of the time improving airflow, reducing drag and lift. The lower half will open if the engine requires any extra cooling but the panamericana grille will not open until you are doing over 112mph. The active rear spoiler will rise at speeds of over 50mph to reduce drag and improve efficiency. It will rise further if the speed increases to reduce lift and provide the downforce needed to keep the SL on the road. 

As for the engines, you have the twin turbo 4.0 litre v8 petrol engine. The entry level AMG SL 55 will produce 476bhp with 700nm. This gives the new SL a 0 – 60 mph time of only 3.9 seconds and will continue all the way to 183mph. Mercedes say a hybrid version will be coming soon, taking components from the ridiculous AMG GT 4 door. The chassis of the SL only weighs 270 Kg thanks to a blend of lightweight materials. Aluminium, steel, lightweight magnesium along with fibreglass and carbon fibre. This also makes it very strong in turn stable when manoeuvring at high speed. The SL also comes as standard with the 4matic all-wheel drive system.

For those who want to enjoy the brief moments of sun in the UK, the new SL comes with a fabric roof which is electronically operated. Within the fabric, it is layered up to three times to reduce cabin noise. The roof can come up or down in just 15 seconds. This can be done up to a speed of 37mph. 

This ultra-modern sports car will come on sale March 2022 and will cost from around £100,000 depending on the spec you go for. 

Are you interested in getting hold of one? Get in touch with Amari today. 

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Ferrari are about to launch themselves into the super SUV market with their variant of the ultimate super SUV. Spy shots have been released of this highly anticipated model as rumours are that this could be the new benchmark in super luxury SUV travel.

What engine can we expect from the Ferrari Purosangue?
Nothing yet has been confirmed but they have a few options: They could stick with the iconic 800 bhp, 5 litre V12 like you see in the 812 superfast however this engine has been around a while and with stricter emission regulation, we don’t feel this would be sustainable in the long run. Alternatively, they could go for the twin turbo, 3.9 litre engine from the Ferrari Roma. Producing 620 BHP which is only 30 bhp less than the standard Urus making it a likely option. Some people are saying that the new SUV could have 1000 BHP+ !

Whichever engine they decide to choose, it will need a proven all-wheel drive system. Luckily Ferrari already have developed this with the Lusso. Therefore, if they were to adapt this system into the Purosangue with the V12 from the Superfast, this could be one of the fastest accelerating SUV’s on the market.

So, to recap, what can we expect as engine options on the new Ferrari SUV?

– V8 Turbo with 612BHP
– V8 Hybrid with 986 BHP
– V12 Naturally-aspirated with 789 BHP.

What can we expect from the interior?
This could be an evolution from again the Ferrari Roma. Adapting the models wrap around design making you feel at one with the car. It most likely will feature the all-new virtual dash display along with the central column touch screen. Containing all the latest entertainment features Ferrari offer. The rear could be similar to the Lusso, options to spec both a bench seat and a 2-seat variant.

Other features:
The latest spy cars showcase 4 large exhaust outlets so we can be sure that the Ferrari SUV will have the standard quad exhaust design at the rear. This most likely will be combination with a very large rear diffuser.

How much will the new Ferrari SUV cost?
Depending on whether they chose to implement their hybrid technology, it could cost a lot more than the equivalent Lamborghini Urus which costs standard, £160.000. Figures at the minute are rumoured to be around £175.000.

Fun fact:
Ferrari will not refer to this model as an SUV, but an FUV. What does that mean? Ferrari Utility Vehicle.

How do you feel about Ferrari making an SUV? Does this fit with the brands heritage and DNA? Let us know on Instagram or TikTok. Or if you are feeling brave and want to order one, register your interest with us today with an email in. At Amari Supercars, we can assure you whichever way Ferrari decide
to go, we will have one here in our showroom early next year.

The super-suv market has exploded in recent years with many of the big brands launching their ideas of the ultimate luxury 4×4. When you think about buying a luxury off-road vehicle, you immediately think of Land Rover and their fantastic range of vehicles. Options such as the Range Rover, Sport, Defender and Velar. But what if you want to be different? Something a little more unique and special. A car that gives you a sense of occasion and rarity every time you step into the driver’s seat. Well, we have the perfect guide for you. We have highlighted our top pick SUV’s if you want something other than the Range Rover.

Aston Martin DBX:

The newest on the scene is the Aston Martin DBX. Arguably one of the most important releases of the year 2020. From our experience in driving this vehicle, it’s a true Aston Martin. Real driving dynamics and a feel unlike any other brand. The DBX is fitted with the AMG 4.0L V8 which produces an incredible amount of power. Although it weighs in at 2.3 tonnes, safe to say it will still shift. AMG engines have a distinct tone of which this DBX is no different, unmistakably an Aston Martin. The aesthetics of the DBX has caused slight conflict which is always the case when you have a supercar manufacture creating a car much larger than they are used to designing. The DBX has some great lines and features however compared to the Urus, G-Wagon and SVR, we think you may be lost in the crowd. But that’s not a bad thing if you are looking for supercar performance in an understated manor.

Image courtesy of: Aston Martin –

Lamborghini Urus:

Certainly, the most aggressive looking of them all. A presence unrivalled by its competitors – the Lamborghini Urus. A Lamborghini badge is all about passion and pantomime, the Urus had great expectations, and we feel it has achieved all its goals. The excitement of driving this machine starts the second you unlock the vehicle. But this is not all show and no go, beneath the angry styling is a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 powering it from 0-60mph in just 3.6 seconds. Continuing to an eye watering speed of 190mph. This may not seem a lot with the figures we see today but when you are sitting high up, in a car weighing over 2 tonnes, it feels very fast! You might think this is just an Audi RSQ8 with a fancy badge but is that a bad thing? The Audi RSQ8 is a very capable and fast SUV, the Urus takes this DNA and pulls it to a whole new level. With an Audi background you can be assured too that it is filled with the latest technology and gadgets. Everything from 4-wheel steering to cabin entertainment for all passengers. Although you may not want to take your Lamborghini off-road but rest assured, the car is capable of driving through some of the toughest terrains out there.

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG:

If anyone has ever said size doesn’t matter, they clearly haven’t worked for Mercedes Benz. This is by far the largest offering in the range, the G63 AMG often referred to as the G-Wagon. An unmistakable sight with it’s large ‘box’ shape and flared wheel arches. This is a true off-road vehicle from its birth back in 1979 with the Gelandeagon. As with the DBX, the G63 is powered with the AMG V8, providing over 577bhp. This works in harmony with a nine-speed automatic gear box and the Mercedes 4-matic system. Ensuring the second you put your foot down, you are moving forward at an incredible pace. The G-Wagon can get from 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds which is slower than the Urus but still incredibly impressive for such a sizable SUV. Mercedes knows how to create impressive and luxurious cabin’s and with the G-Class, they have brought forward much of the technology from the E/ S Class. Offering you a dual-screen cockpit, massage seats, all round passenger entertainment and much more. At Amari Supercars, the G-Wagon is one of our most popular sellers and we can clearly see why. Be sure to check out our stock listing if you are interested in getting your hands on one.

Bentley Bentayga:

Bentley, a brand known for luxury, style, and unquestionable performance. The Bentayga was launched to be the leader in SUV luxury and power. Although aesthetically it may not be to everybody’s taste, the latest facelift has certainly improved it a lot. Taking design elements from the Continental GT and Flying Spur. The cabin features aromatic leather, gorgeous wood options and precious metal accents making this one of the most opulent SUV’s on the market today. With a choice of a V8 or W-12 engines, the Bentayga certainly has the muscle to get you across the country at speed. The V8 can provide you 542bhp but if you think that’s not enough, the W-12 can provide you 626bhp. This results in a 0-60 time of just 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 190mph, same as the Urus. These two models are by far the fastest SUV’s globally, giving you a true supercar experience.

Rolls Royce Cullinan:

The epitome of luxury. When Rolls Royce announced they were going to make a luxury SUV, sure to say they had the market worried. Rolls Royce is the benchmark for luxury travel as we all know. Cullinan was launched in 2018 and has undergone multiple updates over the years. A name taken from one of the largest diamonds. Clearly a statement of intent by Rolls Royce. A V12 heart of power offering you 563 horsepower, punching the 3 tonne Rolls Royce from 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds. Cullinan can scan the road ahead and report this data to the vehicles air suspension. Anticipating bumps or dips in the road ahead providing passengers a magic carpet ride, un-rivalled by any other automotive brand. The Cullinan wafts down the road effortlessly transmitting nothing but opulence to the passengers. Highly recommended by us at Amari if you are looking for exclusivity, luxury and power.

An unmistakable silhouette of beauty – The all-new fifth generation Range Rover is finally here. This 50 year anniversary Range Rover is not just a facelift but a fully re-designed model from the ground up.

Firstly the vehicle’s structure has been re-designed with lightweight and stronger materials. This offers less vibrations into the cabin resulting in less noise. To further enhance the cabin experience, noise cancelling speakers are built into the headrest offering the passengers an almost silent journey.

The new Range Rover boasts many other luxury features such as the cabin air purification system, four-zone climate control, Amazon Alexa, a new drivers display which looks to be floating effortlessly in front of you, the new and proven 13.1” Pivi Pro touchscreen entertainment system and much more. This Range Rover is so technologically advanced, Land Rover have allowed it to be remotely updated in its software giving you the latest and best experience at all times. The vehicle can also be synced to its Land Rover App whereby you are able to remotely drive the car out or in of parking spaces. Helping you avoid hitting the doors in them tight car parking spots.

A Range Rover is known to be luxurious however it is still a very capable machine. The new model features adaptive dynamics which monitors the body and steering movement up to 500 times per second. This ensures you as the passenger experiences that unrivalled magic carpet ride. In addition to this, the model features electronic active rear locking differential, torque vectoring by braking, electronic air suspension with dynamic response pro and finally for the first time, all wheel steering. This means this large Range Rover has a smaller turning circle that a Mercedes A Class of just 10.5 meters.

Are you wanting to take the new Range Rover off-road? No problem, the vehicle is capable of wading up to 900mm which is the same as the new Defender. With use of the new 3D surround cameras, you are able to see live what the water level is to ensure a safe and comfortable off-road experience.

The essence of the Range Rover has certainly been retained. The exterior has been styled in a very minimalistic form with subtle contemporary design accents. New colour combinations and exquisite material options gives you the ability to fully tailor this Range Rover to your individual taste.

If you are interested in ordering the new Range Rover, do get in touch with our team today to spec and register or interest.

Image courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover Limited 2021


The horses and stallions go in front and pull the cart, they don’t push it. Ferrari’s top GT road models remained defiantly front-engined until the mid-1970s, while the Company’s Formula One cars switched to a mid-engined format in the early 1960s. Following a lengthy hiatus, Ferrari has returned to this signature technical solution for the road, building on a formidable tradition of elegance and majesty. Looking forwards, it is clear Ferrari aim to continue its legacy of front engined V12s, with the introduction of Ferrari’s latest 812 GTS unveiled just weeks ago (9 Sept 2019). Amari Supercars looks back on the history of the glorious V12, what made it so iconic, what you can currently buy today, and what to expect in the future.

History of Ferrari Grand Tourer / Front Engined V12

Ferrari’s first road cars ever produced were V12 grand tourers. It’s been running through the veins of the Prancing Horse ever since the days when Enzo Ferrari himself put pen to paper at his office in Fiorano. Looking back through the Prancing Horse’s impressive archive, other front-engined models of note include the Ferrari 250. It was the marque’s most successful early supercar (built between 1952 and 1964), which spawned one of the most successful racing variants in Ferrari’s history; the 250 Testa Rossa. The 250 GTO is another highlight of which only 36 were ever made. To date, the 250 GTO is the most expensive car to sell at auction, reaching $48.4 million (£37.5m) in Monetary, California 2018 (CNBC). 

The long-wheelbase Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta earned the Tour de France name after winning the 10-day race, similarly, the 250 GTO earning its name which stands for Gran Turismo Omologata, Italian for “Grand Touring Homologated.” These very cars are the inspiration for the modern-day interpretations we know today, the Ferrari F12 TDF and Ferrari 599 GTO. Just 36 of the 250 GTOs were manufactured between 1962 and 1964. After an incredibly successful racing career, the 250 GTO proved a design pinnacle for front-engine race cars. Its 2953cc V12 featured Ferrari Testa Rossa heads and larger valves and was topped with an impressive row of six double-barrel Weber carburettors. 

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona for sale at Amari Supercars

By the late 1960s, the stallions were most definitely pushing the contemporary supercar. Rivals had adopted the mid-engined set-up, however the 1968’s Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona remained irreplaceable. Powered by a mighty 352hp, 4.3-litre V12, the Daytona is for many the ultimate front-engined GT Ferrari. Today, the 812 Superfast channels its indomitable spirit, marrying a body of great aerodynamic sophistication with a 789hp, 6.5-litre V12. A worthy heir to the V12 throne.

The Ferrari 599

2009 (59) Ferrari 599 HGTE F1 Pininfarina Geneva
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Ferrari designed the 599 GTB Foriano with several objectives in mind: to ensure comfort, great ergonomics and safety, to increase performance and to guarantee driving pleasure. Styled by Pininfarina under Ken Okuyama and the direction of Ferrari’s Frank Stephenson, known as one of most influential automotive designers of our time, the 599 designers wanted to explore radically innovative lines. Optimisation of the car’s aerodynamics delivered cutting-edge down-force figures. Development often took place in a wind tunnel, where hours of testing ensured that the minimum of drag was combined with constant downforce regardless of set up. Styling details such as the tail incorporated Ferrari’s characteristic twin circular lights while the front brake ducts and hot air outlets behind the front wheel arches remembered the great competizione Ferraris of the past. Ferrari dropped the tubular steel chassis of the 550/575, adopting a lighter and more advanced all-aluminium chassis of significantly increased stiffness.

The area around the cockpit also received an original aerodynamic design. Two prominent flying buttresses wrap around the rear window channelling air towards the nolder, giving the car a unique look whilst adding a twist of aerodynamic ingenuity. When it came to the rear of the car, Ferrari abandoned the low-fixed licence plate and now signature circular quad rear lights. When it came the front, the 599 retained swooping lines distinct to the flagship front-engined V12 Berlinetta’s. The heart of any Ferrari is its engine, and the 599’s 6.0-litre V12 is a reworked version of that found in the Ferrari Enzo, mated with the F1 derived paddle shift gearbox.

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano F1 with Novitec Package
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano with Novitec Package

Production of the 599 ended in 2012 and while there are many on the market, there are always things to look out for. With the 599 GTB Fiorano makes up the majority of the 599s you will see for sale, there are certainly others within which offer even greater rarity. All GTBs sold in the United Kingdom will have carbon-ceramic brakes and the F1 gearbox but there were a few cars in other markets with steel brakes and a six-speed manual. Special editions including the HGTE, GTO, SA Aperta and those converted with aftermarket Novitec and Hamann packages. These cars are definitely worth seeking out, and AMARI Supercars is able to offer a range of these today. Currently in stock we have the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano with Novitec Package as shown above.

The Ferrari F12

And now we arrive at the Ferocious Ferrari F12. Introduced to the motoring public at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, the F12 was a breath of fresh air. It replaced the 599 family of front-engined Gran Turismos. Ferrari’s gorgeous new Berlinetta was soon garnering critical accolades, being voted ‘Supercar of the Year 2012’ by Top Gear magazine, and in 2014 receiving the coveted ‘Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI’, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious design awards.

Styled by the Ferrari Styling Centre and Carrozzeria Pininfarina, the F12’s voluptuous body and harmonious lines restated the already established look of its predecessors – a long bonnet, short tail, and small cabin. One of Pininfarina’s countless masterpieces, the refined looks boasted aggressive style yet retained all the elegance associated with Pininfarina’s work for Maranello.

The F12’s 6.3-litre, 65-degree, normally aspirated V12 is one of the true greats. With 730bhp on tap, this award-winning power unit delivers stupendous performance, propelling the F12 to 62mph in 3.1 seconds on its way to a top speed of 211mph.

Ferrari F12berlinetta stock for sale
Ferrari F12berlinetta

On new model test day prior to its release, the F12 was quicker than the 599 GTB by a whopping 3.5 seconds. This was to be expected from the fierce successor, equipped with one of the most powerful engines ever installed in a road-going Ferrari. It was also quicker than the mid-engined Enzo by 2 seconds and even the hardcore 599 GTO by 1 second. And all that in a comfortable and civilised Gran Turismo.

Ferrari F12berlinetta Video

When it comes to purchasing a Ferrari used, it all comes down to three key points: options, options, and options. The F12 has many options to choose from, and since the car is no longer made to spec, it is good to get familiar with the options you like best. When looking for an F12, we’d suggest the more iconic colour combinations of Rosso/Crema, Rosso/Tan or Rosso/Nero or Grigio Silverstone, and if you want to go for a more menacing look then the Black on Black F12s are attractive options for resale pounds. While many fear that the cost of maintaining a Ferrari will be through the roof, that isn’t the case with any Ferrari built after 2012. At Amari Supercars, we pride ourselves on selling only the very best F12 examples. See our stock listing and feast your eyes on our full range of F12s available for sale today.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari 812 Superfast Maranello For Sale Supercar Grand Tourer
Ferrari 812 Superfast

The first and most demanding challenge Ferrari always faces when it takes the leap in developing a new car is to push the boundaries of its own accomplishments yet again. This is made all the more challenging when the task at hand involves re-designing a 12-cylinder engine, the power unit that hailed the start Ferrari over 70 years ago in 1947. For the latest model, intensive research and development focused on utilising Ferrari’s wealth of track-derived engineering. This very know-how has produced the 812 Superfast, designed to offer its pilot both benchmark performance across the board and the most engaging and rewarding driving experience possible. Customer response to it was unbelievable and within a matter of weeks all the UK’s allocation for the next two and half years had sold out, with many seeing this car as the last pure V12 to leave the gates of Maranello.

Ferrari connoisseurs may concern themselves with the fact that the Superfast features an electrically assisted power steering system, Ferrari’s first, combined with a predominantly aluminium construction to create a lightweight feel during even during vibrant driving. Carbon fibre, which in today’s market is an industry standard, is mostly used for aesthetics rather than structural contributions. However, standard stability control can be turned off at will, allowing for side-ways track fun despite the massive rubber contributing to Superfast’s otherwise impressive 1.03 g of lateral acceleration.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

As Ferrari’s flagship GT product, buyers certainly won’t expect the 812 Superfast to come easy. Of course, actually buying the 812 Superfast from Ferrari will likely require a strong relationship with the brand, so second-hand examples may up the ante even further. Although Ferrari are saying these are hard to get hold of, here at Amari Supercars we have sold many. We offer a wide selection of the latest and greatest specified examples of the 812 Superfast, enabling our customers to beat the queues, and we are looking forward to it being one of our most successful models.

The Future of Front Engined Ferraris

The new 812 GTS sees a return to V12 convertibles that we haven’t seen decades. Aside from special editions (including the Superamerica and SA Aperta) that were limited to few models, this is the first time we see a production run of front-engine V12 since the 1969 365 GTS4. The 812 GTS keeps the 790 horsepower 6.5-litre V12 with 530 lb-ft of torque from its hardtop Superfast sibling. It is therefore said to be the most powerful convertible currently in production.

The future for Ferrari certainly seems bright. The message being conveyed is clear; more Ferraris are coming. From now until 2022 we’ll expect to see more electrified as hybrid models, with hybrid production by 2020 reaching 60 percent. The company’s future will be “equal to its past,” said Ferrari President John Elkann at Capital Markets Day. With 15 new products in the pipeline, several of which we have already unveiled, Ferrari aim to follow current market trends and the GT family will be expanded to approximately 40 percent of total production bringing back the concept of a grand GT car to its origins with Ferrari. For the Ferrari connoisseur, we can only hope these ignite the same V12 passion they are famous for. Only time will tell…

DSC_0243-2The inimitable Aston Martin truly represents the finest in British automobile craftsmanship. Its famously sleek design has rendered the Aston the chosen mode of transport for such aspirational characters as James Bond, and its reputation for luxurious quality has earned it a longstanding position as one of the most desired cars in history and a British cultural icon.

Founded in 1913 by Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin, Aston Martin’s early exploits were hindered by the outbreak of war, and so the company’s first vehicle was not produced until 1915.

In the decades that followed, Aston Martin vehicles set world speed and endurance records at the French Grand Prix, but the brand only truly came into its own following the second world war. The development of the iconic DB5 in 1963, and its starring role in the Bond movie “Goldfinger” (1964), set the tone for the company’s “grand touring” breed of design for years to come. The Vantage and Volante were brought to life during Aston’s golden age in the late 1970s, and the brand’s reputation for luxury was reinforced in the early 2000s with the advent of the Vanquish.

Through the generations, it has navigated a chequered history of roaring highs and dragging lows, and the exalted position it now boasts is testament to the tenacious and unfaltering quality of Aston Martin design.

Over the past few years at Amari, we have been privileged enough to see more than forty of these beautiful supercars passed on to new owners, each passionate about the powerful and sleek Aston Martin brand and the rich character of each model. Aston takes pride in its use of traditional techniques and hand-craftsmanship in the creation of each model, with ardent care and attention poured into every element, and this passionate attention to detail inspires great loyalty and admiration in lovers of both classic and contemporary motor vehicles. On occasion, our company is fortunate enough to come into the possession of an exquisite rarity, such as the breath taking 2015 Vanquish Convertible 60th Anniversary V12 [568] Volante Touchtronic Auto of which only six exist in the entire world. Other models that are currently featured in our showroom include a 2016 (66) DB11 Petrol Coupe 5.2 V12 2DR Automatic in lush cinnabar orange, a striking white 2014 (14) Vanquish Volante Carbon Edition – Touchtronic II and a brand new, sleek 2017 (66) DB9 Coupe 5.9 V12 2DR Automatic in classy meteorite silver.

Including our glorious Aston Martins, we house a selection of supercars worth at least 15 million pounds at any one time. With new models entering our range regularly, the way to find the vehicle best suited to your desires is by arranging a visit to explore our vast collection. We operate by appointment only, and will be thrilled to introduce you to the huge variety we currently have in stock.  We are passionate about supercars – from their unique and supremely engineered functionality through to their intricately and lovingly crafted aesthetic design. Please pay us a visit to see the other beautiful machines we have in stock.

Celebrating its 70th birthday in 2017, Ferrari is often the first company to capture the imaginations of young supercar enthusiasts, sparking a love-affair that lasts a lifetime. A first foray into supercar production in 1984 with the 288 GTO sparked a new era in the company’s history, and since that time, Ferrari has proved one of the world’s front-runners in supercar design. Up until this year, Brand Finance hailed it as the most powerful brand in the world.

We currently display a glorious 2005 Ferrari Enzo Coupe in Nero black from the personal collection of our owner, Sheikh Amari, along with a 2015 488 Petrol Coupe 3.9 GTB 2DR Semi Automatic with a fresh Bianco Avus finish, a 2016 488 GTB 3.9 Litre Twin Turbo V8 in Nero Daytona, a 2015 458 Speciale Aperta in Rosso Corsa – one of a limited line of 499 examples, a 2013 F12 Berlinetta Novitec N Largo S in Rosso Scuderia – even rarer with only 11 ever being produced, a 2014 458 Speciale Petrol Coupe 4.5 AB 2DR Semi Automatic in Nero Daytona black, a 2009 Scuderia Spider 16M in Avus Blanco – also one of only 499 to be made, a superb classic 1981 512BBi Boxer LHD in rich red, a 2015 F12 Berlinetta Coupe 2DR  Auto in Grigio Silverstone,  and the only road legal FXX in the world, an Enzo FXX petrol Coupe LHD Evoluzione 6.3 2008 along with numerous other models amounting to more than 20 Ferrari-brand vehicles overall, both vintage and contemporary.

The Ferrari company’s first car was created in 1940 and named the Auto Avio Costruzioni 815, but the iconic yellow badge featuring a prancing horse was not devised until 1947. Ferrari’s successful and prolific involvement in motor racing has ensured that the company has continuously developed ground-breaking new technologies to enhance the performance of their vehicles, rendering them a trailblazer for the advancement of vehicular functionality. In fact, racing prowess was the first priority of the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari, upon its advent in 1939, so the creation of high-performance vehicles has always taken precedent when it comes to Ferrari design. In 2016, a total of 8014 individual cars were shipped worldwide, making it the most successful year for the brand thus far, and love and passion for the legendary motoring icon is only continuing to grow.

At Amari, our grand collection of supercars is worth at least 15 million pounds at any one time, with limited edition and exceptionally high-end machines passing into our hands on a regular basis. You can arrange a visit to our huge showroom in order to take the first thrilling step towards owning your own supercar and, as we operate by appointment only, you will be afforded the full attention and expertise of the team, who will strive to meet your every requirement.  We are passionate about supercars – from their unique and supremely engineered functionality through to their intricate and lovingly crafted aesthetic design. Please pay us a visit to see the other beautiful machines we have in stock.

1As a high-performance vehicular brand that oozes class and delivers a powerful and unique bite all of its own, Jaguar’s steady popularity can be attributed to its sense of grand theatre, its arresting image and its wildly effective responsive-performance approach to design. Jaguar proudly claims that its priorities lie as much in feel as they do in image, and this method has produced a line of machines able to boast an undying popularity and an ever-growing stream of passionate enthusiasts. Jaguar also ensures that every one of its vehicles is created with assured quality, dependability and reliability inbuilt.

With its varied and diverse history – starting as a sidecar producer in 1922 and gradually evolving into Jaguar Cars in 1945 – the brand now functions under the Jaguar Land Rover luxury vehicle manufacturing label and continues to develop products of excellence, along with ambitious plans for a £10 million “National Automotive Innovation Centre” for future research and development, to be completed in partnership with the University of Warwick, UK in 2017. The Jaguar story differs greatly from the usual brand-genesis tale, in that, after the Swallow Sidecar Company extended its reach into road vehicle body manufacturing in the first half of the 20th century, many of the individual designs they produced featured the model name “Jaguar”. These particular models proved such a success due to their exceptional quality, that Jaguar quickly took over as the company’s brand identity, and its name was changed accordingly. Such has been its success in the years since, that Jaguar has supplied vehicles for UK prime ministers, and now holds Royal Warrants of Appointment from the Queen and Prince Charles.

At Amari, we work hard to ensure that the Jaguar brand is well-represented within our collection of supercars. We are currently in possession of the exceptional F-Type, 5.0 V8 S/C Project 7 in serene Ultra-Blue, with striking round white decals available as a design option. One of only 250 of its kind to be created, we understand that it was the last car to be manufactured on that particular production line! Another of these exceptional vehicles happens to be owned by Brian Johnson of AC/DC.

Our passion and expertise within the aspirational world of supercars has led Amari to our current position – ownership of one of the most astonishing collections of vehicles in the UK. Along with Jaguar, we stock Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and a plethora of other high-performance vehicles. Our showroom displays a wide assortment of models which never falls below the combined value of 15 million pounds as a collection. In order to assist our clients in the selection of their dream car, and to provide our complete attention and impart the greatest amount of our extensive knowledge and understanding to each visitor, we work by appointment only. We are passionate about supercars – from their unique and supremely engineered functionality through to their intricate and lovingly crafted aesthetic design. Please pay us a visit to see the other beautiful machines we have in stock.

1Founded over 50 years ago, the Lamborghini brand has proved a ferocious and dynamic competitor in the field of supercar production. Created as a response to the challenges thrown down by existing high-achievers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini truly came into its own within the realms of refined vehicular design and high-performance engine creation. Despite its swift rise to the zenith of desirability within the road car market, the company’s founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, made the unprecedented decision that the brand would produce no racing vehicles – determining that they would focus all their efforts on creating the very best machines for the general public. However, in 1989, Lamborghini entered into Formula One for the first time, with Yannick Dalmas, Éric Bernard, Michele Alboreto and Philippe Alliot behind the wheels of its vehicles, and the rest is history.

At Amari, we currently keep more than ten Lamborghinis in our showroom at once. These include glorious classic models such as our one-off 1991 Countach, produced specially for the brand’s 25th birthday, resplendent in Bentley Green, the 1989 Countach 5.2 V12 in Rosso – also exceptionally rare, and three Diablos: the 1997 SV Coupe in Lamborghini’s trademark Giallo yellow, the 1999 VT Roadster 2DR, also in yellow, and the 1999 VT Coupe 2DR in a special order colour of Yellow Skirt Hic. We also stock contemporary models, such as an impressive 2017 Aventador Coup 6.5 LP 750-4 Superveloce 2DR Semi Auto 2017 in Arianco Atlas – one of only 600 produced, a 2017 Huracan Coupe 5.2 V10 LP 610-4 Avio 2DR Semi Auto in striking Matte Verde Turbine – of which only 250 have been released worldwide, and an exceptional Aventador Coupe 6.5 LP 700-4 2DR Semi Auto in Rosso Mars.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was already a highly skilled businessman as the second world war drew to a close, being the owner of an extremely successful tractor manufacturing company. With his fortune amassed, he determined that he could finally invest in his dream – to create the perfect sports car. His approach to quality control was very straightforward – if passers-by did not turn in astonishment to watch one of his vehicles as it sped past, the model was simply not a grand enough success. Personality and a purist approach to design and materials are the prime elements that have afforded the Lamborghini brand its success, and its goal of utter perfection seems to be edging ever closer as a direct result.

The value of the full collection of supercars we display in the Amari showroom amounts to at least 15 million pounds at any one time. We work by appointment only to introduce prospective supercar owners to brands and models that we know they will love and, thanks to the expertise of our specialist team, we know that there is a high-performance vehicle to suit every taste and passion within our collection. We are passionate about supercars – from their unique and supremely engineered functionality through to their intricate and lovingly crafted aesthetic design. Please pay us a visit to see the other beautiful machines we have in stock.

1No true supercar enthusiast can fail to have respect for the exceptional McLaren brand. Racing is the company’s specialism, and the focus of each new McLaren model rests firmly on high speed and precision manoeuvrability. Road cars are certainly not the first thing that springs to mind when the brand McLaren is mentioned. The company’s prowess on the Formula 1 track has resulted in incredible fame and success. However, the fine-tuning, ergonomic design and research that have been poured into the brand’s Formula 1 vehicles have also beautifully informed the creation of McLaren Automotive’s models. The sleek beauty of the machines is something that cannot be denied.

On display in the Amari Supercars showroom we currently have a 2016 P1 Petrol Coupe 3.8 Auto in stunning Volcano Yellow – one of only 375 ever to be made, a 2016 650S Convertible 3.8 V8 Spider 2DR in sleek Carbon Black and a 2015 edition of the same model in rich McLaren Orange. With their exquisite undulating curves and slick lines, there is no doubt that these cars are designed for fantastic power and speed. McLaren have set themselves the goal of redefining what a sports car can be – prioritising lightness, power, and a sense of “pure driving fun”, and, considering the achievements of the company to date, their success in these fields can come as no surprise.

McLaren Automotive (originally McLaren Cars) was founded in 1963 by New Zealander Bruce McLaren as a subsidiary for the McLaren Technology Group, which includes the hugely successful Formula One team McLaren Racing Limited. McLaren himself had become the youngest ever Gran Prix winner to date, winning the US Grand Prix in 1958 at 22 years of age. Ten years later, McLaren Racing Limited won its first Grand Prix in Belgium and has continued to break records ever since, including – with the 1998 McLaren F1 – the record for the world’s fastest production car. The F1 could reach a blistering speed of 240.1 mph, a record that stood until 2005. One of the most impressive teams in the history of Formula One, McLaren Racing Limited has, to date, won 182 races, 12 drivers’ championships and 8 constructors’ championships.

As products of the company behind these incredible feats, McLaren models command a great deal of respect. Exceptionally impressive additions to our showroom, these vehicles add a great deal of gravitas to our already remarkable collection of supercars – a huge assortment adding up to at least 15 million pounds in value at any one time. Visitors to the Amari Supercar showroom are very welcome, and so that our team members are able to offer the correct amount of care and attention to every client, we specify that viewings are by appointment only. Contact us today to arrange your visit. We will be thrilled to show you our selection. We are passionate about supercars – from their unique and supremely engineered functionality through to their intricate and lovingly crafted aesthetic design. Please pay us a visit to see the other beautiful machines we have in stock.

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